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Play, Cat, Play

Entwickler Tuxedo Cat Games
0.99 usd

This is a tablet game for your cat! I know there are a few out there already, but this one has a few unique qualities that both you, and your cat, are sure to enjoy.*No score! Cats don't keep score, they just want to play!*No in-app purchases! You get the WHOLE game (all 4 modes) for one very low price!*No advertisements! Advertisements for cats?!?! How ridiculous!*No malware! I can't believe I even have to say this!*Full screen, immersive play so your cat can't leave the game on you!
So, on with the game! There are four modes for your kitty to enjoy:
Mouse Chase - Watch the mouse run in-and-out of its holes!Whack-A-Mole - See if your cat is fast enough to bop the mole!Laser Pointer - A classic crowd pleaser!Bell-Toy - A feathered toy with jingly bells on the end of it!
This game is rated E for Every Cat!!
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